Ennis Bluebonnets

There’s nothing Texans look forward to more in the spring than the bloom of the Bluebonnets. Every April, social media floods with the customary Bluebonnet photos. From babies, to toddlers, kids, families, and even our sweet puppies, everyone jumps in on the tradition.

In the North Texas/DFW area there is no better place for Bluebonnet pictures than Ennis. Ennis is just about 30 minutes South of Dallas. In 1997, the Texas State Legislature named Ennis the Official Bluebonnet City of Texas and the home of the Official Texas Bluebonnet Trail.

Now how did this little city get these big titles? By their 40 miles of Bluebonnet trails showcased every April by the Ennis Garden Club. These Bluebonnet trails are more than reliable for having great blooms throughout the season without fail. This is why our family, along with many others, make the 90 minute trip to take photos.

This year, we went for the opening weekend of the Ennis Farmers Market on Dallas St. We wanted to get out to the fields for photos ahead of the massive Bluebonnet Trails Festival next weekend. We are definitely planning on making the festival next weekend as well.

For our family’s needs, we use the fields at the Ennis Veteran’s Memorial Park off of Ennis Pkwy. The park tends to be a little quieter and offers a few different spots to take photos: the field next to the park entrance and along the sidewalk to the left of the parking lot.

This location worked very well for our little one with SPD, and our 6 week old nephew.

Hopefully next weekend we can scout out and use some of the other great locations.

As always, pages and info for this location and the events will be linked below!


Ennis Bluebonnet Trails

Ennis Bluebonnet Trails Festival

Ennis Y’all Mobile App

Think Pink Bows Etsy Shop

Sweetheart Lace Dress Direct Link


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