NICU Reunion 2017

We made it! This was our daughter’s THIRD year at the NICU Reuinion. If you have seen some of our previous posts, you know that she was born very prematurely. She was just 25 weeks gestation and measured in at 1 pound 13 oz (824g for those on the metric system) and 13 inches long. Our little “Lulu” spent 134 days in the NICU. With that long of a stay, you definitely don’t miss the Reunions!

This year, the hospital did a great job of transforming the downstairs lobby into something out of a Dr Seuss book. The “Oh the Places You’ll Go” theme truly resonates with a lot of NICU parents alike. The dreams of what your child can accomplish with their lives once they just make it through their stay, is a big part of what has gotten us through those long stays.

From a photography standpoint, the lighting inside was horrible. Quite a large portion of my indoor shots were scrapped. Thankfully, we got some great iPhone shots for our personal pages.



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