Four Generation Family Shoot

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of doing a four generation photo shoot. We had great grandparents, grandparents, parents (and an aunt), and of course the center of attention Little Man.

This family is very special to me on so many levels. Mom is my best friend, Dad is my cousin, and LM is hands down the cutest baby I have ever seen.

I did learn a few things from this shoot.

First, always, always, always do your test shots at the same time of day as your shoot. This makes a huge difference. Unfortunately, I did the test shots around 3 pm and the shoot around 5 pm. This two hour difference changed everything and made editing both difficult and essential. We ended up with so much bounce back from the lake. While we were able to get the shots to look great, I much prefer the test shots as far as the background goes.

Second, dealing with group photos is not a walk in the park. Even with a very cooperative bunch, having eight moving parts requires quite a bit more work. We ended up getting everyone adjusted as planned, but this definitely inspired me to add more time to session lengths for groups.

Third, being able to change location spots on the fly is essential. Thankfully, we had gotten more test shot locations than needed. This made it able to swap out one location for another quite easily, and kept the session moving seamlessly.

This set of photos, may not be my best work to date, but they are the set for which I have worked the hardest. On all sides. From locations, to shots, to editing; this was surely a trying session. But for this, I believe I have learned invaluable lessons that will forever be applied to the rest of the sessions I do.

Session is over, prints have been chosen and ordered, and I cannot wait to hand them over to this wonderful family.

While I am keeping this session’s shots private for the family, I will include those test shots of this specific location.



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