Delivery Day

The prints from the “Four Generation” shoot finally arrived today! It took a whole three days for them to come in, but it felt like three weeks. 

Of course, after the proofs packaging shown in Proofs, Proofs, and (You Guessed It) More Proofs! a few weeks back, I wanted to go for something special for this packaging as well. 

While I didn’t get a chance to do my signature fabric lining, I did opt for a floral print on the box. The box I chose came from JoAnn Fabrics. Their decorative storage box selection is amazing. This box was just perfect for the client. Not too feminine, while still having that floral signature. It is a little on the big end size wise, but I had to make sure those pesky 8×12’s would fit nicely!

I’ve also mapped out the proofs and prints packaging for future sessions and clients. I’m so very excited for the next client we get to shoot! 



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