Days 29-35

Days 29-35: This week I slacked while prepping for the annual 4th of July party. I only took photos at the party. All of the photos I did take, had other children in them other than our Lulu, so this week’s photos will not be posted or made public. Check back on Sunday for more…

Day 28

Day 28: In cleaning the house and garage, we have found a few things that made us pause. One such things was this. Hidden in the back of an old binder. This term changed all of our lives in 2014, when we almost lost both me and our daughter at just 25 weeks gestation. This…

Days 22-27

This week we have been working on the garage. The boys have been working hard on overhauling the garage. So I had to make sure and document their progress.

Days 15-21!

Days 15-21: This week we were at the park, a lot. But we also stepped out of our comfort zone and had someone else behind the camera so that I was actually in FRONT for a change. Thankfully, I had some wonderful help! -Ashleigh

Days 8-14!

We had some memory card, cooperation, and time issues this week. This week’s photos are from today, and a few that previous photos that I have re-edited. From this week out, posts will be weekly and chronicle the entire week at once! -Ashleigh

Day 7/100!

Our beautiful next door neighbor finding out if the grass really is greener on the other side! -Ashleigh

Day 6/100!

Day 6/100: Our little one reprimanding the puppies for barking at her friends, the cows. Haha. -Ashleigh

Day 5/100!

Day 5/100: Well, today it stormed most of the day. But of course our 2 year old still had to tend to her plants. She left this out yesterday, and today it had enough to (over)water her new plant. This child seriously cracks me up! -Ashleigh

Day 4/100!

Morning gardening! I love these because they show just how much a photo can vary by the angle I am shooting from. First one just looks like a normal sunny day. Second one shows that storm rolling in. -Ashleigh

Day 3/100!

Day 3/100: We spent most of the afternoon inside babysitting her Bubby (baby cousin), so we didn’t get any outside shots. The light coming in behind her was interesting to work with. I think that is why the B&W copy looks so much better to me. -Ashleigh