Friday Family Fun

Today we went out to Hagerman Refuge to get some test shots for an upcoming family session. Of course, when bringing a 2 year old along, they want to get in some shots. Here’s a few quick shots from this afternoon! -Ashleigh Advertisements

Final Countdown to 100 Days of Summer!

We’re in the final countdown to this year’s project series, “100 Days of Summer”! We have three days. THREE. Days. I came about this challenge in one of my Facebook groups recently. I thought it sounded fun, creative, and of course a little intimidating. How could I possibly create 100 days of different content? I’m…

Finding Everyday Beauty in Your Own Backyard

Like the title says, this is all about finding inspiration in your own backyard. Recently, a photography group of mine decided to start a “100 Days of Summer” series. Of course, I am very excited to have the chance to participate, but the thought of finding 100 different things to photograph was a little daunting….

Delivery Day

The prints from the “Four Generation” shoot finally arrived today! It took a whole three days for them to come in, but it felt like three weeks.  Of course, after the proofs packaging shown in Proofs, Proofs, and (You Guessed It) More Proofs! a few weeks back, I wanted to go for something special for this packaging…

10th Annual Local Photographers Exhibit

Such exciting news today! I submitted three photos for a local show and they are now hanging in the gallery!!  Selecting, naming, and submitting these photos made me a little anxious. I’ve never done anything like this before as a photographer. I almost chickened out of doing it, but I knew it was something I…

Four Generation Family Shoot

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of doing a four generation photo shoot. We had great grandparents, grandparents, parents (and an aunt), and of course the center of attention Little Man. This family is very special to me on so many levels. Mom is my best friend, Dad is my cousin, and LM is…

2017 Pricing Guide

The new 2017 pricing guide is up! ALL NICU SESSIONS ARE FREE OF CHARGE!! If you have any questions please email us at -Ashleigh

Proofs, Proofs, and (You Guessed It) More Proofs!

Well, after finally finding and deciding on a print lab it was time to get some proofs printed out.  My first set of proofs was chosen for my best friend and cousin. It’s going to be just a small thank you joint Mother’s/Father’s day gift for the two of them.  I chose to basically tell…

NICU Reunion 2017

We made it! This was our daughter’s THIRD year at the NICU Reuinion. If you have seen some of our previous posts, you know that she was born very prematurely. She was just 25 weeks gestation and measured in at 1 pound 13 oz (824g for those on the metric system) and 13 inches long….

Scouting Locations and Test Shots

Scouting shoot locations and getting test shots done can be a very lengthy and tedious process. It can take hours, days, or weeks to find just the right spot at the right location for the shoot you are planning. For this particular shoot, we are doing a multi-generational series. The third generation and their new…